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I want to believe you already know the importance and benefits of owning a website for your small business, but can’t afford the wrecking cost of monthly hosting and monthly domain fee. Infact, I have seen countless of website shut down because the owners can’t afford the monthly cost and maintenance. This might be justifiable but shouldn’t and wouldn’t make your business enjoy the vast benefits of having a website like:

Market Expansion: the ability to break through geographical barriers and becoming accessible to anyone all over the world.

Competitors Online: If you don’t have a website it is highly likely that your competitor will do, this means that you are loosing out new customers to your competitors.

24/7 Online Presence: Having a website means customers are always able to find you – anytime, anywhere. Even outside of business hours.

The world in which we live is largely digital. with the way people buy online, weather goods or services. A mere social media page can't serve you full. Ok, allow me show you how to create a free professional & responsive website. Free lifetime hosting and a custom domain, especially as a new startup or young entrepreneur with tight budget.

Companies and personal Portfolio websites which have a low budget and don't want to pay for the wrecking monthly hosting fee but need reliable free lifetime hosting, GoogleSite is the best alternative.

Google Sites is a flexible and versatile website building platform to create different types of sites from scratch. It brings enough cloud-based capacity that makes it possible to embed videos, make slideshows, various formats of documents and more to create a professionally looking website despite the field or industry. Google Sites deliver a fully free forever hosting platform, which means no third-party servers or additional software to maintain or deploy. Moreover, the platform comes with some fundamental benefits including the great capacity to operate across the operating systems. Google Sites boast functionality and built-in control system that ensures site-level digital security.

Allow me show you unbelievable site samples made with GOOGLESITE that will knock off your curiosity so you can draw inspiration from when building yours. So it’s a question of your choice.

That is only 3 of thousand examples; did you notice that even hotels, restaurants and hospitals use GoogleSites? And if you look at this site (, which has over 173 hidden pages, you'll be even more convinced that Googlesite can develop nearly any form of website. The enormous Storage plus Bandwidth size and no watermark trademark are two of the biggest reasons why I will always choose Googlesite over others. Others, such as Wixsite, will slap a big watermark of their name on your website and frequently post advertisements on it, which may irritate your visitors. So, what's holding you back? Go ahead and do your thing with Googlesite.

As for domain, Googlesite offers a free ( domain. Yes, it is totally free. But you can also assign a custom domain ( or in most cases which I do advice new Googlesites owners, use free URL shortener to create perfect URLs for your business. Link shortners like Bitly helps you create and share branded links with custom domains at scale. One of the most important benefits of a URL shortener is the ability to track clicks on each link you share, you can see a breakdown of visitors by demographics, such as country or gender, in general, link shorteners offer the ability to track the Performance. they use fewer of your previous characters, URL Shorteners promote sharing, people are used to them. etc

However, please do your homework and read more tutorials on how to construct a responsive site using Google Site, because a non-responsive, slow-loading, and unfriendly site will turn away potential clients. They will perceive it as spammy, scammy, and unprofessional, and will therefore regard you as untrustworthy. Unless you hire someone with experience to help you with, knowing fully well that will be the only cost to keep your website running without future expense. I CAN HELP IF YOU WANT

Need a custom design for your Google Site?

If you want a bespoke, custom new theme specific for your business websites, I specialize in designing websites on the Google Sites platform. Sites is free to use and basic, but you need a little more tech tweak to create a stunning and well responsive, professional website. I CAN HELP.

The benefits And Bonus To Enjoy If You Hire Me

I Will Connect Your Domain To The GoogleSite

Every project starts with a domain. I will show you where to pick up a free forever custom domain name. I will also give you guide to connect it with your GoogleSite or I might help with. Custom domain is easy to discover, memorable, search engine friendly and make you professional.

I Will Give Quality Custom Graphics Banners

Professionally designed graphics help to create positive impression and effective communication of the message. I will design as many as it will take to build an engaging GoogleSite for FREE ($10 per graphics design) I will also deign a custom FAVICON for your site.

I Will also Index Your Website On Google

Indexed website makes sure your site appears in a search engine's results, no two ways to it. Your site is as dead as not having ANY in the first place. You will also enjoy SEO and contend First page ranking, the dream of every site owners. ($20 worth of service)

Free 200+ Social Media Canva Templates

Canva template help improve your social media marketing, reduces all costs on hiring graphics designer, improves your brand awareness across all social media network, it's free and simple as drag and drop to customize. (worth $58)

Free Responsive Device Pack Mockup

Free responsive device mockup pack for your site to see how your site relates across all devices and also to create awareness for your new site across your social media networks for high engagement. ($5 per device mockup)

Free Web Traffic Booster For Your Site

Traffic is the best part of having a website because more traffic equals to potential customers, opportunities, sales and definitely more money. I will give you a traffic blast that generates me targeted 30,000+ monthly unique traffic on auto pilot.

There you have it. Okay, so you're probably wondering how much you can pay me with those bonuses valued over $100. Don't be discouraged; what if I told you that I can assist you for as little as $10? Yes, depending on the style of website, number of pages, sections and dynamism. And if you're wondering why I'd want to offer such quality service and premium digitals for as little as $10, the answer is easy:

I want to support and encourage your entrepreneurial spirit and secondly, because you landed on this page; Any service or product I offer on this website is always cheap, if not free and most times I give all for a pay-any-amount donation to help raise funds to support the less privileged. With over 170 Pages on this site, non is accessible except from the 5 navigation bars on top. Others are strictly by invitation or via anyone who have the link.

What Few Of My Users Are Saying

Visitors come strictly only through invite link to practically every page on this site, just as you were to this PAGE, this is because I offer different services to support different types of businesses at giveaway prices in other to help raise funds for the less privileged. The ball is now in your court, dear entrepreneur.


Build The Confidence You Need To Be Your Own Boss

Having a website means customers are always able to find you – anytime, anywhere. Even outside of business hours, your website continues to find and secure new customers. It offers the user convenience as they can access the information and all of you in the comfort of their own home, with no added pressure to buy. Regardless of what kind of small business you are running, having a website accessible on a 7-day 24-hour basis without taking breaks for holidays and weekends is a huge advantage. While your physical shop is closed at night, your online shop can keep on selling and bringing you income by catering to customers at any time that is convenient for them.

Notice: Incase you'll love that I help on your website project

I loathe being labeled as a SCAM, and I have gone a long way to have my reputation tarnished for a tiny sum of money. So, without charging you anything, I'll begin working on your project, and you'll be able to see it in progress along with adjustments for modifying it to your taste. After which you then make payment to collect your completed work.

I've used some free webhosting in the past, both for myself and for clients, and I must say that Google Sites, while more basic than otters, has more advantages than those big-name free hosting services. The most common trade-offs with free web hosting is forcing irritative advertisement on your website, Shared Branding, lack of customer support, Common outages, Limited pages, Limited bandwidth, Paid upgrades required for many features. The most infuriating part is server downtime; imagine your website being unavailable or displaying those pesky "404 ERRORS" when a potential customer should be interacting with you....


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Quick One: check out this stunning SALES PAGE that I created with Googlesites. C'mon! who says you can't make better things on free things when done right?